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At the Edinburgh Electrochemical Engineering Group - e3Group, we are mainly interested in Electrochemistry with a special focus on its applied side (Applied Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering). Our multidisciplinary expertise covers nearly the whole range of the field: from advanced design and modelling of electrochemical reactors and electrolysers to the development of novel coatings by electrochemical processes and their scale-up to production scale.

But we don't limit ourselves to Electrochemistry only! Sonochemistry is another area we are also interested in, as it enables us to use acoustically-generated cavitating bubbles to enhance reaction rates or change their mechanisms in chemical processes. And other area of interest for us is Materials, especially the development of functional materials and coatings for advanced mechanical applications (friction, wear, fatigue, corrosion).

Lecturer in Electrochemical Engineering

Institute for Materials and Processes

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Latest news

22 December 2018 - Dr Tudela-Montes participates in UK-China Workshop on the Electrification of Road Transport

19 November 2019 - First details of the 2019 butler meeting confirmed!

18 November 2018 - Davide Masiello presents at the 71st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics

10 December 2018 - e3Group's website goes live!

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Edinburgh Electrochemical Engineering Group, School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh

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